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Donald Trump Approves Wide Spread Snooping Of Private Electronics


Donald Trump and his team have a leak somewhere in their midst. Someone is feeding the press information about things Donald Trump wants kept as far away from the American public as possible. It’s probably one of the people closest to Trump, but as Bipartisan Report recently shared, Sean Spicer resorted to shaking down his staff to make them prove that they have nothing to hide.

It’s not shocking news that Donald Trump gave his approval on the legal, but invasive checks of staffers’ mobile devices, according to CNN. Trump continues to be highly critical of the intelligence community, specifically where it’s his perception that they’re not doing enough to stop leaks from happening. Trump recently tweeted:

Ironically, the steps Trump and Spicer are taking to prevent leaks and discover who the moles, even meetings about leaks, are being leaked. People took to Twitter to joke about the irony of it all:

One user even offered an entire conspiracy theory that sounds crazy enough to be true:

The level of dysfunction in the Trump administration is not healthy for the American people. If Trump and his staff have to go through such extreme measures to ensure that confidential information remains confidential, then at some point they need to do some self-reflection and think about the role they play in the drama that’s hindering this country from moving forward.

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