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Advocacy Group Drops Big Lawsuit On IRS For Trump’s Tax Returns


Donald Trump may have a big problem. An advocacy group called the Electronic Privacy Information Center [EPIC], sued the IRS Saturday for the president’s tax returns.

The group filed, on Tax Day, which is April 15, except when that date falls on a weekend or holiday. People across the country are holding protests in order to encourage Congress to subpoena Trump’s returns. The president said throughout his campaign and into his presidency that he could not release them because his returns were under audit.

EPIC requested the president’s returns through an FOIA in late March. The advocacy group said that the president’s tax returns may “correct misstatements of facts” and make certain of the “integrity and fairness” of the entire tax system, according to POLITICO.

EPIC Fellow John Davisson wrote that EPIC has a “right to access such records” under the IRS’s regulations:

‘The Commissioner should move promptly to obtain permission from the Joint
Commission on Taxation to release the records EPIC has requested.’

Davisson continued, pointing out that the Senate Financial Committee should have the final say:

‘the committee decided either that return information should be public as a matter of policy, or that the reasons for the limited disclosures involved outweighed any possible invasion of the taxpayer’s privacy which might result from disclosure.’

It was no accident that EPIC filed the lawsuit on Tax Day. Davisson pointed toward the apparent “public outrage over perceived unfairness in tax administration. For example, in 1997 the IRS Commissioner “requested the opportunity to explore with [JCT] Chairman Archer and Chairman Roth the possibility of using Code section 6103(k)(3) to permit the IRS to correct misstatements of fact regarding examinations of tax-exempt organizations.”

Davisson added that public confidence in the IRS was at stake:

‘At no time in American history has a stronger claim been presented to the IRS for the public release of tax records to “correct . . . misstatement[s] of fact.’

Davisson wrote that the American public has a right to know whether there are records “that reveal in a federal agency which reveal that the U.S. president has financial dealings with a foreign adversary. Allegations of the President’s business relations with Russia and the Russian government are the focus of numerous Congressional investigations and widespread public interest.”

To read the entire letter by the Electronic Privacy Information Center requesting Donald Trump’s tax returns from the IRS under of the FOIA, click on this link.

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