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Your iPhone has a killer GLITCH – and you can’t do anything about it | Tech | Life & Style


Enterprising iPhone owners have unearthed a new glitch that affects the best-selling smartphone.

The new bug causes the device to hang for a few seconds – unresponsive – before it restarts the mobile operating system.

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First noted by Italian blog AmiciApple, the new glitch works across a variety of different iOS versions, including the most recent beta, iOS 10.3.2.

There is no known fix for the bug yet.

To replicate the crash, simply pull-up Control Centre by swiping from the bottom of the display.

Simultaneously tap on one of the icons from the bottom row (Flashlight, Alarm, Calculator, Camera), as well as Night Shift and AirDrop.

You’ll need to tap your chosen combination (for example, Calculator + Night Shift + AirDrop) at the same time using three separate digits.

It might take a few attempts. But when tapped at exactly the same time, the iPhone will freeze.

Tapping on the display won’t get a response, and you’ll need to wait for the smartphone to re-spring.

That shouldn’t take any longer than a minute – so don’t panic.

If it does, you might want to manually reset the iPhone by holding down the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake button.

Thankfully, the complicated combination needed to cause the glitch makes it difficult to replicate accidentally.

This is not the first time Apple users have had to deal with a frustrating glitch.

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