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Golden Retriever Consumes Marijuana leftovers in Colorado


A marijuana user in Colorado has urged others to be careful with marijuana leftovers after her 10-year old Golden Retriever started behaving strange. As she called a vet for help, the symptoms of her pet led to conclusion that she had ingested marijuana leftovers. Patty Moore from Colorado was shocked to see her Golden Retriever Chance not able to move properly and couldn’t stand to eat.

Chance’s vet noticed that the dog was behaving strange. The dog appeared depressed, lazy and not able to use her legs properly.

Ms. Moore informed that she took her pet along with her to 4/20 pro-marijuana rally in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood park. Probably, the dog got his first taste of marijuana cookies or THC-laced brownie.

Moore said, “We really thought there was something seriously wrong with her.”

Luckily for Moore, Chance recovered fast. She has urged pet owners to be careful as pets like cookies and brownies and might accidently ingest marijuana.

“Generally as far as toxicity goes, marijuana is a pretty safe one. They seem drunk. A dog that is depressed, lethargic, and appears drunk or stuporous,” said vet Dr. Allison Jenkins.

Dr. Jenkins informed that pets can stay high for several days even with small dose of edible pot. Even eating a wrapper can have an impact in certain cases, especially among small pets.

As per CNN report, some vets in Denver area report even 5-6 cases pet week of pet intoxication with marijuana.

The CNN report further informed, “Pets can quickly overcome their symptoms. But there have been several fatal cases of animals accidentally eating highly concentrated marijuana-laced foods. Colorado voters legalized weed in 2012 , and dispensaries opened two years later. Vets have seen an increase of pets — mostly dogs — that have gotten into their owners’ stash.”

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