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People Who Are Always Running Late Believed To Be More Creative, Successful


They say that time management is something which you should get better at with age. Although considering we all know at least one person who is eternally late to everything this might not be the case.

Hell that ‘forever late’ person might be you, and no matter what you do you’re always running just behind everyone else’s schedule.

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While some people may feel immensely stressed by the prospect of running late, others have accepted that it’s okay to keep people waiting a little bit. And science may agree.

A study into personality types argues that those with different personality type tend to perceive time differently. Those who are more Type A (more competitive, organized and impatient) were more likely to be punctual compared to Type B (more relaxed, disorganized and creative).

The study, carried out by Jeff Conte, at San Diego State University, found that when asked after one minute, to guess how much time had passed, Type A people averaged guesses of 58 seconds, whereas type B answered 77 seconds.

They also found that its optimists are more likely to run late because they believe that they can fit so many things into a short amount of time. The Independent reports Diana Delonzor, a time management speaker argues that:

“Many late people tend to be both optimistic and unrealistic, and this affects their perception of time. They really believe they can go for a run, pick up their clothes at the dry cleaners, buy groceries and drop off the kids at school in an hour.

They remember that single shining day 10 years ago when they really did all those things in 60 minutes flat, and forget all the other times that everything took much, much longer.”

So next time you hit snooze or you miss your train, take it easy, it will all work out in the end!

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