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Megan Kelly Overlooks Someone Important In First ‘Today’ Appearance


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Megyn Kelly had a lot to say about Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday as she made her first broadcast on NBC, but when it came to Today anchor Hoda Kolb, that was a different matter.

Kelly appeared via satellite from St. Petersburg, Russia, where she will be involved in the World Economic Forum and also have a one-on-one interview with Putin.

Kelly’s segment opened with her being shown in sunny, windy St. Petersburg. Today anchors Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer and Kotb greeted her.

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“NBC’s Megyn Kelly is in St. Petersburg where she will speak with Mr. Putin,” said Lauer as he introduced Kelly for the very first time as an NBC colleague. “We should note, this is her first appearance as an NBC news anchor. So we say good morning and welcome. Great to have you here, Megyn!’

“Hey, guys. It’s great to be with you, Matt and Savannah,” Kelly said.

That greeting left out Kotb, who first appeared surprised that her name was not mentioned and then held out her hands in mock disbelief, turning the incident into a joke. Kelly did make sure to mention Kotb when her segment ended.

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While she was on the air, Kelly confirmed that the interview she expected to land for the debut of her Sunday night interview show would indeed occur.

“We just got word this morning that President Putin has agreed to sit with yours truly for a one-on-one interview at the conclusion of tomorrow’s forum, and I’ll get the chance to ask him directly about these allegations of meddling [in the 2016 U.S. presidential election] and the prospect of our two countries working together and beyond,” she said.

“As part of the forum, President Putin will be taking part in a panel and I’m lucky enough to be asked to moderate that,” said Kelly.

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“This is the first time he’s actually taking questions from an American journalist since the special counsel was appointed in the United States to look into  allegations of Russian interference in our election,” she said, “And that’s an allegation that he just this week referred to as a fiction invented by Democrats.”

Kelly’s intro was made all the more dramatic by a sudden gust of wind that left her hair blowing about while she stood in front of the famed Church of the Savior on Blood.

Kelly’s segment showed her speaking with Russians, and she was asked what they had to say about claims Russia meddled in the American election.

“Two main points on that. Number one, the Russian people have a lot of love for the American people. They see us as the same. They see the politicians as squabbling, but to a person they wanted us to know they care about Americans and see a lot in common,” she said.

“But secondly, almost none believes that Russia interfered with our election. We found maybe one,” she said.

Kelly’s interview with Putin airs Sunday on Kelly’s new show, Sunday Night. Kelly will also have a daytime show that kicks off at 9 a.m. in one of the hours that used to belong to Today.

Kelly said that although she will be taking one of the hours that once belonged to Today, she has no interest in the other two hours that will still comprise the show.

“I’ve had my own scrutiny in the press, but this is a weird new kind,” Kelly said. “We all know the truth,” she continues. “Savannah and Matt and I text each other and continue to — as these articles come out — and laugh. Savannah said to me early on, ‘Welcome to the NFL. You’ve got to let it go.’ And they’re experts at it.”

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