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Japanese ethics board calls out ‘Dragon Ball’ for Master Roshi’s behavior


While the Dragon Ball universe has been a favorite of several generations of manga fans, one of the most iconic characters of the show is under fire at the moment — Master Roshi.

Fans of the manga have gotten used to the old man’s shady behavior and lascivious personality. But from a modern perspective, and with the progress we’ve made in the fight for women’s rights, Japan’s Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) decided to publish the following complaint:

“In an animation program, there are scenes of an older man touching young girls’ bodies and peeping at their underwear against their will. These scenes are almost irrelevant to the story.

I love watching this show with my child every weekend, but it’s also inappropriate for children to see this in an anime.”

According to Comicbook, the BPO in Japan does not cite the titles of programs when there are complaints. But in this case, there is no doubt they are referring to Master Roshi in Dragon Ball Super.

Especially since an episode of the show recently aired in which we see Master Roshi look under the skirt of a young martial arts student named Yurin.

This is not the first time the BPO has warned the Japanese public about animated shows portraying sexual harassment. In the past, they’ve called out shows such as Case Closed, Mr. Osomatsu, Scum’s Wish and Seven Mortal Sins.

While Master Roshi’s behavior does make you shudder, we can at least congratulate Dragon Ball Super for finally including more female characters. Recently, a female version of Broly and the first female Super Saiyan Caulifla were introduced.

Let’s hope the creators of the show will reconsider before moving forward with Master Roshi.

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