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Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About ‘The 100’ Season 5 – TV News


The CW

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The 100 family is about to get a lot bigger.

During the show’s panel at Comic-Con 2017, creator Jason Rothenberg and cast members Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Christopher Larkin, and Tasya Teles got together to share spoilers about the upcoming Season 5 — including details on Clarke’s sudden motherhood.

Check out all the best spoilers from the panel. The 100 returns to The CW in 2018.

1. The people on the ship are from earth, but left before the first apocalypse.

In the Season 4 finale, Clarke was shocked after a mysterious high-tech craft landed on earth six years after Praimfaya. Rothenberg shared a few tidbits about who these ship people are and what they might be looking for:

“They are from earth, and they’re from our time. They’re from before the first apocalypse… which is a spoiler but, okay,” he said. “They had [cryogenic technology] and were in hyper-sleep for 100 years… when they come back, they don’t recognize this new world.”

2. Clarke’s “daughter” is Maddie, a young night blood who is her only companion on earth.

Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About 'The 100' Season 5

The CW

In a trailer that premiered during the panel, Clarke and Maddie sit around a fire as the young one recites the story of The 100 as flashbacks from Season 4 play across the screen.

“They tried to be the good guys, but then they realized there are no good guys,” she said. “The scary place was haunted by a monster they could not kill. When the un-killable monster finally came, not everyone could get inside. Eight warriors were forced to face the monster alone. They fought like they’d never fought before, but it wasn’t enough.”

Maddie finally reached Clarke’s part of the story, sharing how she “climbed the tower” to save her people.

“She thought she was the last person on earth, but she was wrong,” she said. “She found the second most badass warrior on earth, and they lived happily ever after.”

“Clarke,” Maddie said after finishing, “what happens if the monsters come back?”

“Then we’ll kill them all,” Clarke replied.

Rothenberg went on to confirm that Maddie was not Clarke’s biological daughter, but had discovered her after surviving Praimfaya, taking on a maternal role.

3. Season 5 will see Octavia (Avgeropoulos) as a “peace-keeper.”

Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About 'The 100' Season 5

The CW

“Octavia doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing with 1,200 people in a bunker,” Avgeropoulos admitted during the panel. “It was her idea to have this one crew and it’s a mixed bag. Similar to being trapped under the floor, she’s under the bunker and she can’t just run around and cause riots. In Season 5, you’ll see how she reprimands others and keeps the peace in her own special way.”

4. Raven is still working on getting everyone back down to earth.

Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About 'The 100' Season 5

The CW

Wondering when Raven, Bellamy, Monty, and the rest of Clarke’s crew will reunite with her down on earth? Raven’s working on it. The way Morgan puts it, they may not have taken the dive just yet due to safety concerns.

“She’s so smart, but her heart weighs on her,” Morgan said. “Everyone is in space because of her. She feels a responsibility for everyone.” 

5. Adapting to life in space (once again) will be a challenge for Murphy.

Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About 'The 100' Season 5

The CW

“A six-year jump is a great challenge, but it’s also freeing in a lot of ways,” Harmon stated. “Over six years, a lot of therapy can happen, so you can leave behind a lot. Obviously he’s gonna change. He’s so good in pressure cooker situations, but in space, it’s just about living day to day. That’s very different for him, so I’m curious to see if he can be part of a happy family now that there’s nothing to fight against. He’s a little bored. He’s gonna find a way to have some fun.”

6. Monty and Harper may not be together anymore.

Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About 'The 100' Season 5

The CW

“Harper is Monty’s main lifeline,” Larkin said. “Given the loss of Jasper, if he’d lost her as well, I’m not sure he would have made it out of Arcadia. I don’t know if they’re still together after six years, but hopefully they are.”

7. There will be no babies.

Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About 'The 100' Season 5

The CW

“No babies,” Rothenberg confirmed. “But Clarke has one, sort of.”

8. Echo (Teles) is now a series regular.

Clarke Is a Mom and Other Juicy Spoilers About 'The 100' Season 5

The CW

“I always felt strongly about Echo,” Teles shared after a surprise appearance. “She’s sassy, cool… I loved it when she spat in Bellamy’s face.”

Coming into the group as an outsider, Teles cited a few characters she thought might have befriended Echo: “Louisa or Raven,” she said. “Because these two girls get things done. They’re very resourceful. I just see them having alliances.”

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