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Reince Priebus To Sean Hannity: It’s A Good Thing Trump Fired Me, I Support It


Still servile to the end, Reince Priebus told Sean Hannity (video below too) that it was a good thing that President Donald Trump fired him from his position as White House Chief of Staff.  According to Talking Points Memo:

Former Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus

  1. The former White House chief of staff insisted in a Friday night interview that his ouster by President Donald Trump “is actually a good thing.”
  2. “I’m feeling good about the fact that he’s making a change that makes him comfortable with moving forward,” Reince Priebus told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in what has become a routine interview stop for those who depart the Trump administration.
  3. “I think the president wanted to go in a different direction. I support him on that. The president has a right to hit a reset button,” Priebus said, calling Trump a “friend” and “a good man.”
  4. “(Trump) has the best political instincts,” Priebus told CNN. “He knows, I think, intuitively, when things need to change. He intuitively determined that it was time to do something differently and I think it was right.”

It is extremely pathetic (and strange) to see the lengths previously respected professionals will degrade themselves for a man who has zero loyalty towards them.  There is a word for that, and it begins with a, “C”, cult.


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