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Katy Perry: First Kiss Was Like a Wet Fish in a Mouth


Katy Perry finally is feeling more open and free. The 32-year old pop star described the latest issue of W-Magazine. There she tried to divulge some of the personal aspects of her life, like singing in the shower, kissing or crying to her own songs.

Her first French kiss was in sixth grade. At that time she was in Big Bear, California. Firstly, Katy Perry talked with girl from the church, who made a party. Despite the fact, singer’s parents didn’t allow her to a coed party until eighth grade, she strongly insisted on her choice. At the party company began to have fun and played spin the bottle. But instead of beautiful French kiss, which is expected by all little girls, she felt like there was a wet fish in her mouth.

Katy admitted her platinum blonde pixie is just a physical sign of how liberated she feels lately, “In general, I feel 360-degrees liberated—all around. Whether it’s politically, mentally, spiritually, sexually. I feel liberated from all the things that don’t serve me.”

In fact, Katy’s not too proud to admit she’s cried to her own songs.

My songs are so personal. Sometimes they are about people who are no longer in my life, or they’re about unrequited love,” she told the publication. “We all pose so much. We all display a life that isn’t real. I’m guilty of that as well. But when you break it all down, it’s really powerful.

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