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NRA ‘domestic security threats’ under Trump


New York Rep. Kathleen Rice, a Democrat representing Long Island, has been doing battle with an NRA spokeswoman on Twitter over the organization’s blatant hypocrisy over the group’s silence on the Philando Castille case. She finally called out the National Rifle Association for what it basically is at this point: A security threat.

Rice’s statements came a month after the NRA released its bizarre, militaristic “Purge” franchise fan fiction video that basically advocated gun owners take to the streets and shooting any liberals who threaten their way of life (that “way of life” appears to be their right to go out and shoot anyone they please for any reason at all, apparently).

Rice had been feuding with NRA spokeswoman and fisting denier Dana Loesch over the organization’s silence on the murder of Castile, a licensed gun owner who was shot during a traffic stop when he told a police officer he had a licensed weapon.

The officer who shot him was found not guilty in the case even though Castile demonstrably did nothing threatening in the traffic stop. Critics say the NRA stayed silent because Castile was black, and the NRA only exists to bolster the white power structure in this country. After all, why else would an organization whose sole purpose is to defend your rights to arm yourself against government tyranny immediately defer to the government’s right to kill a legally armed citizen?

The NRA finally came out of hiding on the killing after a year, saying this week that the group didn’t defend Castile because he had marijuana — the most murdery and rare drug on the market — in his car at the time, and that therefore he, I guess, deserved to be shot to death in front of his family in the car.

The NRA can be seen as a security threat because its doomsday rhetoric taints the whole debate over gun control. The group makes its members see any attempt at controlling (and not even totally eliminating!) the amount of instant murder machines walking around our society as a threat on any and all liberty, so they use things like the “Purge” video to charge up members and get them ready to shoot at anything that looks like a threat. Unless, of course, you’ve ever smoked marijuana, then you’re on your own.

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