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Tomi Lahren is Confused for Disrespectful Take on Millenials


Last week Tomi Lahren admitted that she benefits from Obamacare. In the past she hated it. This system helps to keep her healthy, thus, she can devote an incredibly long period of time bashing it. Furthermore, she tried to give advice about how to keep a job, apparently forgetting about her dismissal.

The foundation of her argument — that the skills needed for the military are mirrored 1:1 by someone’s ability to lift a bag into an airplane’s overhead bin—is legitimately hilarious, because it also proves Tammy knows next to nothing about what the military even does, even though she has plenty of opinions on whether transgender people are qualified to serve.

Thankfully, a large number of people could respond to Tammy on Twitter. Their responses varied from serious to humorous. Many of them point out millions of millennials have served nobly in Afghanistan and Iraq, and her frivolous comment neglects the sacrifice they put in to keep people like herself safe.

After she was successfully roasted, Tammy tweeted again to clear things up.

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