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One way ticket to Koh Samui


When you start doing some research in the field of planning a vacation to Koh Samui you mostly see the same desiccations of lush green rainforests, cool waterfalls, long sweeping beaches with healing and relaxing atmosphere, palm fringed shorelines as well as smiley locals. All of these are the minimal things you’ll enjoy in Koh Samui. There is still a lot waiting for you. Koh Samui is a land of several huge beaches, deep woods, and crazy lifestyle.

Every day spent on this fabulous island is a fairy-tale full of adventures and surprises. It’s an amazing place for its guests who come from another corner of the earth and have totally differing culture. The most popular beaches are Chaweng and Lamai, with Bophut, Bang Rak (Big Buddah) and Choeng Mon each offering incredible services and experience. There is everything both for active and passive lifestyles. Let’s discuss several important issues regarding flights, renting rooms and the alike in Koh Samui.

The best flight deals for Koh Samui

The first way of finding the cheapest flights to Koh Samui is by searching online. You’ll notice that they change according to the season. Many websites have “price alert emails” category, which lets you know about the most recent and top prices to Koh Samui and all over Thailand. Look for cheap flights from over 600 airlines and top travel agents to secure the best flight prices.

Booking directly by clicking through to the airline or travel agency site is the simplest way to use this service. Another way to find information about the prices of the flight deals is calling the local travel agencies and airports for the best answer. Then compare the prices and pick the most affordable and convenient option for you.

Room for rent in Samui

Once you have done with the tickets you need to think of a house for rent in Samui. There are millions of options for travelers who have decided either to spend their vacation there or to stay for a long time. Whatever your choice you must make sure the chosen room is the best for you and has all the necessary facilities/conditions. Koh Samui rentals are generally cool and pleasing. They come up with a variety of options of luxury villas, simple condos in traditional Thai style, private houses, and hotel and hostel rooms with all the desired services. Most apartments, hotels and villas have their websites where you can book a room looking at the pictures, reading the comments of the previous guests as well as chatting with the receptionist online.

While many prefer renting the room beforehand, some do it just in place. If your decision is to take one way ticket to Koh Samui, then you‘d better look for long-term apartments to organize your new lifestyle on this dreamland. You may either start a new life on the beach or just in the heart of the island surrounded with heavy woods and rainfalls.

Life in Koh Samui

What you need to know about Koh Samui before moving there? Well, perhaps there are millions of things to discover, but since you’ll learn all about it just while living there, there are still several important things to take into account. Many people visit Thailand on holiday, and some just fall in love with the island of Koh Samui. Then they decide to spend their whole life in Thailand living in Samui.

They start dreaming of ways and plans to make moving to the island a reality. It’s obvious that holidaying in a place and relocating to live there are completely different things. There are lots of things to consider before moving such as culture shock, new lifestyle, weather, food, educational system, job opportunities and activities. The best fact is that there is everything for everyone. You will create and settle a cool lifestyle after a short period of time. Starting from the culture shock to the activities you’ll soon get used for everything. You’ll even find a great job if you look for it hard. Food is delicious, sometimes spicier than in other cultures but it isn’t a big deal.

There are non-Thai cuisines all over the island. The restaurants and markets promise to please you and make you feel like in your own home. Living in Koh Samui you’ll also start taking special care of your heath, skin and body. You’ll meet spa and yoga centers all over the island and will start attending them time to time. Your body will soon become heathier thanks to several water sports and crazy adventures in the woods. Your skin will start shining like never. And your mentality, way of thinking and taste will change choosing the direction of the mysterious Asian culture that has so much popularity all over the world for centuries.

People know how to live the right way in Thailand and they are glad to help you discover many life secrets. In Koh Samui, it is said that one can get great health care for $50 a month.

There are two international Bangkok hospitals here, which provide with high-end service. Finally, you don’t need to know Thai in order to move here. You can learn it there as the majority of locals have some level of English, which makes communication easier.

This post was created with our nice and easy submission form. Create your post!

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