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[football] NEW, hot posts in most popular 'football' category, posted in last 24 hrs [collected by markboss on 9/13/2017.]

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Hello there, here i have fresh listing for you of current
TOP 10 hot posts in most popular ‘football’ category.

1. POST – Soccer Sweepstake 17/18 ROUND 4 Results
Earnings: $11.47, Upvotes: 26, Created by: @nanzo-scoop


2. POST – Fantasy Sports Bet Contest #28-9/13/17 100% Author Post Payout with League Quarterly winnings, 7pm EST closeout
Earnings: $0.12, Upvotes: 6, Created by: @immetal6669


3. POST – target ronaldo
Earnings: $0.37, Upvotes: 13, Created by: @nazarul


4. POST – Celtic vs PSG 0-5 – Highlights and Goals – UEFA Champion League – 12/Sept/2017
Earnings: $0.35, Upvotes: 12, Created by: @longpath


5. POST – Fantasy Sports Bet Contest #27 Results, League Standings, and next contest anouncement
Earnings: $0.09, Upvotes: 3, Created by: @immetal6669


6. POST – Nominees for goal of the 2016/2017 football season
Earnings: $0.39, Upvotes: 14, Created by: @sport.prediction


7. POST – Daily Sports News – Barcelona strikes back!
Earnings: $0.02, Upvotes: 2, Created by: @sportsgeek


8. POST – Whoo! Week 2 – #1 again
Earnings: $0.27, Upvotes: 15, Created by: @wrladyhawk


9. POST – Soccer Contest Champions League September 13: Make your bet
Earnings: $0.29, Upvotes: 24, Created by: @salamanca1987ar


10. POST – 💲💵 NFL Running Back Rushing Yards Challenge 💵💲| Total Rushing Yards: (WEEK 2) | Win 50% SBD!
Earnings: $0.18, Upvotes: 38, Created by: @revelationquotes

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