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Copernicus gets BODIED at TIFF!

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Copernicus gets BODIED at TIFF!

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I’ve been a TIFF Midnight Madness fan for fourteen years, and what a glorious run it has been.  There’s no other audience like it in the world — a couple thousand rabid fans assembled at midnight half-drunk on pure genre love.  All this time it has been helmed by Colin Geddes, who has curated an extraordinary parade of extreme films.
But the opening of the 2017 Midnight Madness was a special occasion.  Toronto International Film Festival creative director Cameron Bailey was on hand to hand the torch to Peter Kuplowski, the new director of Midnight Madness.   Peter came out to wild applause and explained that given the controversial nature of BODIED, this could well be a one-film stint as head of Midnight.  Apparently director Joseph Kahn had asked on twitter which film festival would be brave enough to show BODIED.  Obviously, Toronto Midnight Madness was the answer.
BODIED ranks in my top 5 all-time Midnight Madness films, joining the ranks of things like ONG BAK and COLOSSAL.  On the surface, it seems like just a fun rap battle film.  But the themes it explores are much deeper, and quite timely, including who can say what about race, and how much we can participate in a culture if it isn’t traditionally our own.
The main character here is Adam, brilliantly cast as Disney Channel star Calum Worthy, a white college student from Barkeley working on his thesis about rap battles.  He’s contantly overshadowed by his father, who’s a professor there, played by Anthony

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