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What’s up people. Usually I don’t like to share stories, or anything. But this is where I’m going to write random things. Without any filter. Anything goes here. There are no rules. Hopefully nothing too significant spills, here but it probably will happen. Isn’t this the kinda thing where interesting things happen. Where drunk people starting writing about their own lives. Like Ernest Hemingway and shit.

Not gona lie. This feels good. I’m usually the type of guy to sit back and not share stories because that’s just not me. But I got a feeling that’s gona change soon. This is the place where things are gona happen.

Well with all this hype, I should probably start with something. Well tonight, I was playing some beer pong with a friend. Except, we played pong without the beer, and I was chugging straight vodka regardless of whether my friend made the shot or not. Now I’m at the state where I’m at. I’m thinking straight, but I’m in the mood to share more than I’m accustomed to because I’m drunk. So. Let’s think of something I can share. One story. One interesting story hm… Probably won’t be too interesting or else it might be scandalous, and then it might be too much to the point so that I won’t be able to release anything else. OkAY.. so interesting but not too interesting..

Well, when I first started dating, I dated a girl named, let’s say Stephanie. Stephanie was a nice girl. She was good at kissing. She gave good hand jobs. She bought me some dinners. That’s what a nice girl is right? Anyways, one time we ended up hooking up at her house, and her parents came home. I came over because her parents WEREN’T home. Now they were home. It was one of those things where we were hooking up on her bed, and she heard something where only she would know that her parents came home, so I got sent into the closet. I stayed in the closet for a good two hours. It’s okay though because I got a lot of kisses and pp touches.

Okay I’m going to sleep. Until next time. Sorry guys

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