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Name: Chelsea Shorte

Single, in a relationship, or it’s complicated? Single.

What was the most rewarding part of coming out?
Not having to lie/switch pronouns with talking about crushes with friends and dropping “friends” who didn’t like the truth of those pronouns

What is your favorite social media app?
I’m on Facebook quite a bit, but Instagram is growing on me more.

Biggest pet peeve:
Being forced to hug someone

Favorite emoji:
The one with the hand, finger and thumb extending at a 90 degree angle, on the chin and the eyes looking towards the upper right. I think it is supposed to express confusion, but it also looks like the the ASL sign for lesbian. So I use it to mean, “lesbian,” “lesbian?” and if I use it three in a row it means, “I’m sarcastically weighing whether she could be a lesbian, but who am I kidding, definite LEZ!”

If you were a clothing store, what store would you be and why?

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Remember I’m not alone by forgetting everything else.

What’s one issue you are passionate about?
Creating joy for black and brown TQPOC

If you could pick anyone in the world to be president, who would it be and why?
A new system of government.

What’s one thing you want to be remembered by?
My enthusiastic support of black and brown TQPOC creators!



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