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Star WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 Mad Dashiell's response and break down

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Click now for Star WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 Mad Dashiell's response and break down for your enjoyment!

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Hola Dannie aqui! 
With Mad Dashiells take on the new Star Wars Trailer!!! Still working on mine, I have a ton of therories! I must say how awesome it was to go through the trailer last night with close friends, home made pasta with giant hand crafted meatballs (by my Duncan Idaho) and super geek outs. After leaving I watched the trailer a bunch more, Star Wars The Force Awakens and then Rogue One. I am doing this again tonight to get in the right headspace! Enjoy Mad Dashiells perspective!  

Mad Dashiell here and having digested the new Star Wars The Last jedi Trailer heres what I thought!
Darkness spreads throughout the galaxy. The scene opens with Kylo and his reflection forming a serpentine eye watching over a factory of AT-ATs ? Being fitted with heavier armor and artillery ? The newly modded larger AT-ATs stomp in unison towards a bleak horizon. A few classic AT-ATs are sparsely mixed into the line of attack, but they’re dwarfed by comparison to their new counterparts. The trailer, my pure bliss and amazement aside, is deceptively edited; Lets examine it, shall we? 
Kylo Ren is escorting or being escorted by Snoke’s praetorian guards into a room. In the next shot Kylo is reaching to pick up his saber, the guards in the back if examined closely are in fight stances with their feet pointed outwards of center like Samurai. I always felt the Imperial guards were wasted in episodes 4-6 but we might finally get to

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