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Poll: Majority believe Puerto Rico isn't getting the help they need

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The majority of the American public feels that residents of Puerto Rico are not receiving the help they need in the wake of Hurricane Maria, according to a new

Kaiser Family Foundation poll

released today.

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Kaiser Family Foundation

poll conducted Oct. 4-8, 2017; Chart: Chris Canipe / Axios

Other findings:

  • Are most residents of Puerto Rico U.S. citizens?

    76% said “yes”; 17% said “no”; 7% said “don’t know.”

  • Is the federal government doing enough

    to restore electricity and access to food and water?

    52% said “not doing enough” and 40% said “doing enough.”
    • Among Democrats: 74% said “not doing enough”; 19% said “doing enough.”
    • Independents: 54% “not doing enough”; 38% said “doing enough.”
    • Republicans: 17% “not doing enough”; 74% said “doing enough.”

  • Has the federal government’s response been too slow

    , too fast, or about right?

    52% said “too slow”; 3% said “too fast”; 41% said “about right.”
    • Among Democrats: 72% said “too slow”; <1% said "too fast"; 24% said "about right."
    • Independents: 55% said “too slow”; 4% said “too fast”; 31% said “about right.”
    • Republicans: 16% said “too slow”; 3% said “too fast”; 75% said “about right.”

  • What is


    to blame for the recovery problems?

    44% said a slow response by the federal government, 32% said disorganization at the local level, 10% said lack of attention from news media, 7% said other, 7% said “don’t know.”

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