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DNA Simple on ‘Shark Tank’ Pays $50 Per Saliva Kit For Every Research Study

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Olivier Noel is the entrepreneur from Queens, New York behind DNA Simple, a company that connects everyday DNA donors to medical research studies —  anonymously. (That means they don’t track you or connect your personal real world data — name, etc. — to your DNA.) DNA Simple compensates people at least $50 when they participate in a research study. While wearing a white lab coat, Noel pitches his business on Shark Tank on Sunday, November 12.

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According to the DNA Simple website, it’s a 5-step process: 1. You sign up to be a donor online. It’s free to sign up. 2. Researchers request samples. 3. You, the donor, are notified every time you match a researcher’s request. 4. If you’re interested in participating in a research study you qualify for, DNA Simple will send a saliva kit (aka “spit kit”) to you. 5. When DNA Simple receives your saliva kit back, the company gives $50 to you or to a charity of your choice. Note: When you donate a saliva sample to a study, your DNA is only used for that study. If you want to participate in another study, you will need to complete another kit and will be compensated $50 again. Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9pm and 10pm on ABC. [27 Favorite Shark Tank Products at Amazon — New List]

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