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Interesting lessons I learned about what men want after watching the movie Infinity Chamber

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“Have you ever taken a moment to think what dating must be like for… men?”

I watched an interesting Science Fiction movie titled Infinity Chamber and it left me with really good lessons about human behaviour, artificial intelligence and most interestingly…. Men.

It was an ordinary Saturday evening, pretty excited about helping a friend pick up a gift for his girlfriend, I needed something to help me relax. “I could do a good movie right now”, I thought. There, I downloaded Infinty Chamber because there was a mention of a man outsmarting a computer (specifically an Ai6 bot) in its synopsis. I finally settled in to watch the movie the next day. I dished myself a medium sized bowl of spaghetti with chicken wings, and grabbed a bottle of soda. I had my best friend over, so we slouched into the couch, ate our spaghetti and watched intensely from my 12” Macbook.

Fast forward to two hours later, I had walked my best friend to the gate, returned to my apartment, and sat back on the couch when I started daydreaming about a doctor I had hung out with a few times, he had just revealed that he’s got a fiancée via our Whatsapp chat. It was definitely a little bit annoying because I thought I liked hanging out with him. I needed to stop daydreaming so I decided it was best to write at that moment, to write the lessons I had taken from the movie I had just seen. The movie starred a new favorite; Christopher Soren Kelly, he was trapped in an automated prison and was actually forced to relive his day again. He relived it with Casandra Clark (who was present from his last memory before he got detained) and they built a relationship all in his imagination. So this means that all Casandra was to him were impressions he made of her. She literally was what he wanted her to be, what he wanted her to do, what he wanted her to say; because she wasn’t real. In that moment, I got an impression which helped me understand how men would actually want women they’re in a relationship with to be. Or generally, it helped me realize what men want in this regard and their relations with women. I immediately imagined what dating could be like for men, and I understood why the doctor felt attracted to me and why he had to tell me about his fiancée. I became less judgmental and decided to turn my learnings into another article.

  1. Men are impressed by random or uncommon talents, abilities or skills
    In the movie, Casandra had a psychic thing where she could hold your hand and tell you your name. Well, if you try not to be a Nigerian that would easily associate it to witchcraft, you would admit that it was pretty cool and impressive. So maybe you should stop feeling awkward about your weirdness, it’s probably what will attract your dream man.
  2. Men want support. They want to hear that you’ll be there with them no matter how long it takes
    While Chris was trying to outsmart the bot, he increasingly got frustrated. Casandra, who had become his badass sidekick, kept reassuring him that they would beat it together and she would be there for him no matter how long it took.
  3. Men love it if they can make you laugh
    In one of the couple’s conversations, Casandra asked if Chris wanted a big boobed lady that would laugh at all his jokes, and he sarcastically asked if one existed. I also know this because she did laugh at his jokes a lot.
  4. Men are definitely attracted to curvy and very pretty women, but it doesn’t mean they want you to be before they decide to love you
    In the same conversation where Casandra asked if he wanted a big boobed lady, his sarcasm explained that it didn’t matter that she wasn’t all that but what mattered was that he had decided to love her.
  5. Men still want to know that you choose them everyday over every other
    Despite the fact that Chris’ relationship with Casandra wasn’t real and he made her realize that through his subconscious, she told him that she didn’t want it to end and when he broke free, she would still want to be with him in the real world.
  6. Men, like women, want to be made to feel wanted
    Casandra unabashedly tried to talk Chris into staying longer in his subconscious because she was going to miss him. Although Chris knew her wish couldn’t be granted, he wanted her to act that way and say those things.
  7. Men also worry about rejection
    When Casandra asked Chris to find her in the real world, after he broke free, he expressed a concern that she might not even give him any attention if he met her in real life.
  8. Men do want to know that they can’t be easily replaced
    While Chris tried to escape, clips of his subconscious showed Casandra waiting for him, hoping that he might show up again.

(Disclaimer: I’m sure this list doesn’t do justice to a longer list of all men want from their women, neither is this list intended to inappropriately put all men in a box. It’s only a fair conclusion from observations, conversations and connecting dots).

So ladies, next time you get frustrated with a man, because he won’t make a move, doesn’t seem to ‘get’ you, or seems difficult to understand, remember, men are not inhuman and are also capable of love and affection. They mostly just want to know that you’re there for them, in a healthy way that is.

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