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Did You Spot These 9 Pixar Easter Eggs Revealing John Lasseter’s Creepy Behavior?

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#6 will make you cry harder than you did during “Up”

Here we go! Time to ruin your childhood!

With Pixar’s latest release, Coco, sweeping the box office, we thought we’d take another look at every Pixar fan’s favorite: Easter eggs! These are little images or references the Pixar animators hide in their movies to pay homage to favorite characters and hint at future releases. Well, it looks like we ALL missed these ones on our initial viewing! If we hadn’t, maybe John Lasseter would have taken that leave of absence a few years earlier 😉

  1. If you listen closely to the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” you can hear John Lasseter in the background snickering, “Get it? ‘IN’ me? Huh? Huh?”
Seriously, his name is Woody. WOODY!

2. I bet you never noticed this, but Woody’s hand never moves from Buzz’s upper thigh in Toy Story. To cope, Buzz disassociates from the real world and builds a fictional counterpart in his mind. “To infinity and beyond!”

3. If you look around the Radiator Springs Curios shop in Cars, you can clearly see a figurine of Remy from the then-upcoming, Ratatouille, and also a second figurine of a man in a Hawaiian shirt giving a lingering hug to an uncomfortable woman.


4. While this doesn’t QUITE count as an Easter egg, the idea for Monsters, Inc. initially came from women at Pixar’s Emeryville offices whispering, “There’s a monster here!”

5. Watch that climactic fight scene in The Incredibles in slo-mo and you’ll notice Elasti-Girl pull a “Pixar head turn” by whirling her head away from arch-nemesis Syndrome’s unwanted attention.

6. This one’s a little tricky, but the title Inside Out is also a reference to how the animation industry treats women.

Now we know why Riley was REALLY so angry!

7. In Finding Dory, Dory’s friend Destiny the Whale Shark has a “dots and dashes” pattern on her back that spells out, in Morse Code, “HR has done nothing and we’re worried about retaliation. These Easter eggs seem to be the only way to communicate with the outside world. Please help! Otherwise, our only other hope is that enough women come forward to take down different, equally powerful men in media, so that then we’ll finally be believed!”

8. All Pixar movies include, “A113,” which is both a reference to the Cal Arts classroom many Pixar animators studied in, as well as the number of women who have accused Lasseter of harassment. The “A” stands for “allegedly.” They think of everything!

Feel the music, not the shallow breathing down your neck

9. Look closely at the Land of the Dead in Pixar’s new movie Coco. You’ll see one of the film’s trademark colorful banners that, from the rendering, seems like it was added just before the movie’s release. It appears to read, “¡Finalmente! ¡Justicia para las mujeres!” Way to keep it authentic en Español, Pixar!

Sasha Stewart (The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore) is a comedy writer and huge Pixar fan. She wrote her senior thesis on WALL-E and will gladly send you a copy. You can find her on Twitter @ArtfulStew and on Instagram @glumgram.

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