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Pets Depressed by Social Media App

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One day, while scrolling threw her Facebook feed with her dog, Jane Horowitz realized that the thrill she got from the site was not shared by her own best boy. So Jane created Pawnterist, an app for pets to share videos and images of their life to other social media savvy animals.

However several people, via human social-media, have voiced their displeasure.

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“My 3 week puppy is posting pictures of herself. And, while I respect her right to find her own style and ability to do all this without thumbs, she’s posting pictures that make other animals think she’s a much older dog.” writes one worried owner.

Other pet-lovers have also seen a rise in the pet-hipster culture.

“Snuggles used to love playing with his toy mouse. Now it’s too “mainstream”. He wants to play with my grandma’s straw dolls they’re unique.” Pam, from San-Francisco, tells our team. According to her his tastes in food have also veered away from such pedestrian fare as canned food. Now he demands organic food presented with creativity. He went so far as to arrange its salmon into the shape of a bear. Something about irony, but Julia was pretty sure it was just to impress his Pawnterist friends.

“He wouldn’t explain it either, he just sneered at me.” Julia said sadly. “But then he’s a cat. That’s kind of what he always looks like. Still, not cool.”

Many animals are displaying signs of depression. Gloria, a corgi mutt hasn’t left her spot on the couch. Christine, the dogs owner, says after seeing so many dogs represented as long-legged and purebred, Gloria feels ugly and unsure of her dog identity.

Time will tell if this new site will bring animals together, highlight the creativity and similarities between them, or cause more rifts as technology becomes the primary method of communications, and animals create their separate echo chambers online.

Pets Depressed by Social Media App was originally published in The Haven on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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