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Brands and agencies press for progress: an #InternationalWomensDay roundup

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International Women’s Day has taken on added meaning in the advertising sector, with the rise of anonymous whistleblowers, revelations of a ever-wide gender pay gap, and the rise of movements such as #MeToo, #TimesUp and others.

On this day, brands from all over the world have celebrated women through use of stunts and special content. Some standout examples from India were featured earlier today. Agencies have also taken extra initiative today, celebrating those women blazing trails, while also addressing all the roadblocks all women still face each day. 

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Below, you’ll find some of the ways both brands and agencies took initiative to take on women’s issues.


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BBDO New York: International Women’s Day ‘It’s Time to Redefine’

Agency: BBDO New York
Client: International Women’s Day
Date: March 2018
David Lubars, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide
Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York
Storm Smith, Art Director
Raymond Li, Art Director
Andy Deaza, Copy Writer
Lucy Bennett, Influencer Manager
Jessica Nugent, Production Services Director
Abigail Solano, Account Executive
Carrie Noland, Communications Associate
Production Company: BBDO Studios
Michael Gentile, Executive Producer
AJ Rowe, Studio Producer
Billy Siegrist, Director of Photography
Jonathan Hsu, Line Producer
Jessica Jacklin, Director
Editing House: EG+
Andrea Havis, Editor
Danielle Knight, Producer
Monique Robertson, Producer 
Tags: United States

New Honor Society: International Women’s Day ‘Not Sorry’

Agency: New Honor Society
Client: International Women’s Day
Date: March 2018
Tags: United States
Video of We're not sorry.

Sense New York: International Women’s Day ‘#CelebrateWomen’

Agency: Sense New York
Client: International Women’s Day
Date: March 2018
Experiential marketing agency Sense New York has created a vibrant International Women’s Day initiative to #CelebrateWomen, aimed at applauding the most unapologetically strong females who made great strides in 2017 and inspired the Sense team during their first year of business in the U.S. The agency has created a set of eight striking illustrations by NYC Creative Director, Nathaly Charria, and Sense London’s in-house illustrator, Alana McDowell, featuring fearless women like Bozoma Saint John, Malala Yousafzai and Billie Jean King, that can be downloaded and shared with other badass babes (and the supportive men in their lives!). Sense is an experiential marketing agency that specializes in creating authentic connections with consumers in the real world.
Credits: Internal agency works
Sense New York – Agency Nathaly Charria – Illustrator Alana McDowell – Illustrator – Sense London
Tags: United States, International Women’s Day, Print Design, Experiential Marketing
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