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Samantha Bee: The NRA Is A Cult

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Samantha Bee isn’t the first to make this comparison, that the NRA is basically a fanatical religion for its adherents, a cult not unlike Scientology. And since that’s sort of true, she makes the case that it would be better for all of us if they could be converted to the less violent Church of Scientology instead.

Source: Rolling Stone

As another debate about gun control unfolds in Washington D.C., Samantha Bee outlined the similarities between the National Rifle Association and the Church of Scientology during the latest episode of Full Frontal.

“Both of these messianic cults push the narrative that only they can save the world,” she continued. “But if you join them, you can share in their power – they’ll make you a superhero, whether that means healing the sick with your mind or making a kill shot on a mass murder despite being unable to even hit the toilet bowl when you’re taking a leak.”

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With these organizational similarities in mind, Bee decided her best hope for weakening the NRA would be to convince its members to leave their guns behind and become scientologists. She appealed to any NRA lifers who “hate-watch” Full Frontal with a goofy public service announcement.

“We’re calling on you to break free from the NRA – and join Scientology instead,” Bee said. “Scientology can fill all the holes in your soul … it will bless you with fear, power fantasies, a creepily ageless leader and merch.”

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