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Segway Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for an AI-Controlled Transporter

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When the original Segway Human Transporter was released in 2001, it had built up a lot of buzz that, by most standards, it failed to live up to. It was billed as being the future of personal transportation, but in reality it was just an electric scooter with the wheels placed side-by-side instead of inline. Now Segway is back with a promising new transporter called Loomo that brings AI functionality into the mix.

Like the Segways we’re all used to seeing move people around on tours in our cities, the Loomo has wheels placed on either side of the platform you stand on. But, in a way similar to the infamous hoverboards of the past few years—and unlike a traditional Segway—there is no upright handle to grab onto. Instead, there is a housing between your feet that is fitted with a multitude of sensors.

Inside that housing is an AI system built on Intel’s RealSense technology. In addition to the actual transportation features, this enables a lot of interesting capabilities. Loomo can follow you around when you’re not riding on it. It can act as your own personal videographer by tracking and filming you as you move. It can be controlled with an app, and provides quasi-voice assistance.

In short, it combines transportation with basically every other tech feature that’s getting buzz right now. It’s both a way to get around, and a sort of personal robotic assistant. The Segway Loomo is currently on Indiegogo, and you can snag one for $1,499 ($1,299 on super early bird). Orders will start shipping in May 2018.

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