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Take Your Project Management Skills To The Next Level

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Let’s be real: Project managers are the glue that keeps everything together—and without them, a lot of businesses would crumble. But there are good PMs and there are superhero PMs, and the latter are typically versed in the Agile method. It’s a highly specialized way of doing things that applies directly to engineering and IT projects, especially software-building. Methodologies that help make up Agile—like Scrum and XP, among others—help deliver the best product most efficiently, with an emphasis on flexibility and quality delivery.

Project managers who specialize in Agile can command higher salaries because of the cost-saving measures they provide in technical project contexts, where going out of scope can accidentally cause a project to become unprofitable. Agile project management is different from more traditional models because it’s not an iterative process—in other words, instead of a sequential flow of phases, Agile-based project management involves user feedback to continuously improve the plan and deliver business value from the very beginning. And those aren’t the only benefits, as this Agile course teaches. Others include:

Supremely High Product Quality. Because testing is integrated into the planning process in an Agile system, the product’s viability is checked early on. That means the development team can address issues as they come up, and the process of defining the requirements keeps the resulting product features relevant. This is especially significant for software that’s developed in rapid, incremental phases: Each release builds on the last, resulting in a polished, ready for the market end product.

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