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TJ, BC: New Murder Record Set; 8 Violent Murders Overnight

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Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol de Tijuana

Feb 7, 2018  –  Tijuana, BC :  Between Monday and Tuesday there was  a record of at least 8 violent deaths in Tijuana. The one that most shocked the citizens was the one that was recorded  at 4:00 pm on  Las Fuentes Boulevard, where two men were shot, and a minor was injured.

The reason for the public outcry was because the neighbors were so  moved because two dogs came and huddled with the corpse of one of the deceased, one dog just layed down and the other seemed to be guarding the body.
This incident occurred in the Colonia Cañadas del Florido, the juvenile wounded is 10 years old and had a wound between the back and the shoulder.
The aggressor is presumed to have left a narco manta on an orange card, it is also presumed that he fled in a free taxi. The local authorities confirmed that there was an operation in the area and until Tuesday night, there was no signs of violence.
NOTE: When I looked at this piece, I had NO IDEA that I would see these images; Beware Animal Lovers, Graphic Photos !

                                                           Photo: José Luis Camarillo

A man of 35 to 40 years old, still unknown, was found shot inside a house on Río Papaloapan street in the Camino Verde neighborhood.
A young man between 20 and 25 years old was also found with several firearm injuries on the streets of Paseo Las Torres and September 16 in the Torres Altas neighborhood.
They also identified that the body found on Avenida Sauzal, at the corner of Jacoma, in the Colonia del Rubí , who was identified  Juan Manuel Malfavon Mora , 44 years of age , who also died of gunshot wounds.

                                                         Photo: José Luis Camarillo

Another case was on Calle  Article 27, the  corner with Rafael Buelna in the Soler neighborhood. The body of a man between 35 and 40 years old was found lifeless and wrapped in a brown blanket; he was thrown in a vacant lot.
A man was seriously injured  when he was shot with two bullets in the head; the man was taken to the general hospital in Tijuana.
In the streets Primero de Mayo and Cinco de Mayo in the Machado Sur neighborhood, a person was found who had  died from blows to the head; the corpse was lying on the ground on an abandoned lot.

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