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Ad of the Day: MoneySuperMarket transforms Action Man into a flamboyant, gyrating desert dancer

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Just days after announcing their impending split, MoneySuperMarket and Mother have unveiled the latest character in their long-running ‘save money and feel epic’ campaign – Hasbro’s Action Man, who dances in the desert for a fabulously camp animated spot.

The film begins with Action Man dressed in his signature camouflage, radioing in to HQ from the middle of a desert war zone. He announces to his control centre colleagues that he’s just saved on MoneySuperMarket, “and now I feel epic”.

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The declaration ignites the pumping disco beat of Cece Pinston’s ‘Finally’, which Hasbro’s hero begins to ostentatiously groove to in the sand. As he struts through the dunes, he’s joined by a band of similarly energetic male doll dancers.

The routine climaxes with Action Man ripping off his uniform surrounded by his fellow military comrades, as well as a cricketer, an astronaut, a polar explorer and a deep sea diver – all of whom have inexplicably landed in the desert to join in the party.

The ad ends with a blonde Action Man declaring: “Action Man, you’re so MoneySuperMarket” while dangling from a helicopter.

“The pleasure of the Epic campaign is what makes it successful – it’s proper entertainment,” said Hermeti Balarin, executive creative director of Mother. “Not only are we competing with other ads, we’re competing with the actual programmes for attention and this advert is designed to stand out.

Balarin added “it’s nice to bow out on a high note” in reference to Wednesday’s (7 March) news that MoneySuperMarket has decided to split with the creative agency after seven years.

Pip Heywood, brand director at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Having shared great success, many awards and a lot of fun in developing the ‘save money, feel epic’ campaign with Mother, we acknowledge it’s time for a change.”

However, neither parties would confirm if Epic Action Man will be their last piece of work created together.

The 60-second spot will premiere during Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV1 on Saturday (10 March).

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