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Walpurgis Evening: A Saint, Witches, and Pagan Beliefs in a Springtime Halloween for Scandinavia

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Walpurgis Evening is the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurgis, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Walpurgis Evening falls on April 30th and is a standard vacation celebrated in northern Europe and Scandinavia. It might shock you to know this pageant has nothing to do with the saint, as an alternative, it’s a spring celebration with putting similarities to Halloween.

Who Was Saint Walpurga?

Walpurgis Evening is understood alternatively as Saint Walpurga’s Eve, Walpurgisnacht, and Vappu. Saint Walpurga (recognized additionally as Valborg, Wealdburg, or Valderburger) was born round 710 AD, in all probability within the English Kingdom of Wessex. She grew to become a member of the neighborhood on the Wimborne Abbey, Dorset, and was later summoned by Winebald, her brother, to function abbess at his double monastery of monks and nuns at Heidenheim, in modern-day Germany. She died in 779 AD and was buried in Heidenheim. Round 870 AD, her stays had been transferred to the Church of the Holy Cross at Eichstätt. As this occurred on Could 1st , this date has grow to be related to the saint.

Saint Walpurga. (1535/1540) by Grasp of Messkrich. ( Public Area )

The celebration of Walpurgis Evening has little to do with both Christianity, or Saint Walpurga. As an alternative, the origins of this pageant could also be discovered within the interval earlier than the arrival of Christianity in northern Europe. Because the pageant falls throughout the interval when spring arrived, the pagans performed rituals to welcome spring and make sure the fertility of the land.

Witches and Walpurgis Evening

For some purpose, Walpurgis Evening can be related to witches . In German folklore, as an illustration, it’s stated that witches from all around the land would collect for an excellent sabbath on high of the Brocken (often known as the Blocksberg), the very best peak of the Harz mountain vary. This notion was first recorded throughout the 17th century in Johannes Präetorius’, The Blocksberg Efficiency , a tome concerning the historical past and geography of the mountain and the area. It was, nonetheless, throughout the 19th and 20th century that the witches’ sabbath on the Brocken grew to become well-liked in artwork and literature, most notably in Goethe’s well-known play Faust.

Lewis Morrison as "Mephistopheles" in Faust! – "The Brocken". Poster for a theatrical performance of Goethe's play showing Mephistopheles conjuring supernatural creatures on the German mountain, the Brocken (or Blocksberg), which according to the tale is the scenery for the Walpurgis night, from 30 April to 1 May. (Public Domain)

Lewis Morrison as “Mephistopheles” in Faust! – “The Brocken”. Poster for a theatrical efficiency of Goethe’s play displaying Mephistopheles conjuring supernatural creatures on the German mountain, the Brocken (or Blocksberg), which in accordance with the story is the surroundings for the Walpurgis night time, from 30 April to 1 Could. ( Public Area )

Walpurgisnacht Traditions

In step with the idea that Walpurgis Evening was an evening when witches and different evil entities had been roaming freely across the land, sure practices had been developed to maintain them at bay. Thus, in Germany, on Walpurgis Evening, individuals would costume up in costumes, and make loud noises. Moreover, to beat back these malevolent forces, individuals would additionally grasp blessed sprigs of foliage from homes or barns, or depart choices of bread with butter and honey (often known as ‘ankenschnitt’) for phantom hounds .

“Walpurgisnacht. Der Aufbruch der Hexen” (Walpurgis Evening. The Departure of the Witches) (1878) by Luis Ricardo Falero. ( Public Area )

One other typical exercise carried out on Walpurgis Evening is the lighting of bonfires, which, in accordance with one custom, was additionally a method of fending off witches. One other custom states that the lighting of bonfires dates again to pre-Christian instances. Throughout that interval, the pagan Germans would go away their livestock to graze round the spring equinox . With the intention to scare away wild animals, they’d gentle bonfires, dance round them, and make a lot noise. When Christianity arrived, the bishops discovered that these actions had been slightly too pagan. As an alternative of banning it, nonetheless, the bishops determined to shift it to Walpurgis Evening, in order that it may very well be related to the Christian saint.

A Walpurgis Night bonfire. (CC0)

A Walpurgis Evening bonfire. ( CC0)

Completely satisfied Walpurgisnacht! Completely satisfied Vappu!

Saint Walpurga was by no means related to Scandinavia and Walpurgis Evening originated in Germany, the place she served as abbess for about half her life. Nonetheless, this pageant unfold to the north, and is at present additionally celebrated in such nations as Sweden and Finland. Furthermore, Walpurgis Evening is a crucial vacation in these nations.

A large Walpurgis Night celebration in Heidelberg. (Andreas Fink/CC BY SA 2.0)

A big Walpurgis Evening celebration in Heidelberg. (Andreas Fink/ CC BY SA 2.0 )

In Finland, for instance, Walpurgis Evening is understood additionally as Vappu, and is likely one of the nation’s most vital holidays. Though it was initially celebrated by the higher class, throughout the late 19th century it grew to become well-liked amongst college college students. At this time, Walpurgis Evening is widely known by all segments of each Finnish and Swedish societies.

People at a Vappu picnic in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, on 1 May 2008. (JIP/CC BY SA 3.0)

Folks at a Vappu picnic in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, on 1 Could 2008. (JIP/ CC BY SA 3.0 )

Prime picture: Element of ‘Walpurgisnacht’ (Walpurgis Evening) by Fritz Roeber. Supply: Public Area

By Wu Mingren


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