“Planet 9” is theorized to be 10 instances bigger than Earth and is supposedly situated someplace within the outer reaches of our photo voltaic system, but it surely might not be an actual planet in any case, however as a substitute a large disc of smaller objects mendacity simply past Neptune that exerts the identical gravitational pressure as a super-Earth-sized planet. This mysterious planet is considered situated so removed from the Solar that it displays little or no gentle, and scientists have primarily based its existence primarily based on the unusual clustered orbits of a gaggle of trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), which incorporates Pluto. Learn extra for one more video and extra data.

“When mixed with a simplified mannequin of the photo voltaic system, the gravitational forces of the disc can account for the weird orbital structure exhibited by some objects on the outer reaches of the photo voltaic system. Theirs shouldn’t be, they concede, the primary idea involving such a disc, however it’s the first, they are saying, which explains the numerous options of the noticed orbits whereas accounting for the mass and gravity of the opposite eight planets in our photo voltaic system,” in line with Cosmos Journal.