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The Gadianton Robbers: Organized Crime within the Historic Americas

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The Gadianton robbers have been a band of robbers within the historic Americas in response to the Ebook of Mormon. This harmful group operated as a ‘secret mixture’, a time period used to explain varied malevolent secret societies. The Gadianton robbers have been a lot feared and have been held answerable for the destruction of the Nephites and the Jaredites, two of the 4 main teams of individuals believed by the Latter Day Saints to have settled within the historic Americas.

The Starting of the Gadianton Robbers

In line with The Ebook of Helaman , one of many books within the Ebook of Mormon, the ‘secret mixture’ referred to as the Gadianton robbers was based by Kishkumen and Gadianton. The previous had murdered the decide Pahoran, and his co-conspirators entered right into a covenant swearing to not disclose to anybody that he had murdered the decide. This marked the start of the Gadianton robbers.

Gadianton. ( James H Fullmer )

The Gadianton robbers have been additionally held answerable for the homicide of the decide Cezoram, and his son who succeeded him, within the 66th yr of the reign of the judges. The assassins weren’t discovered, as their identities have been protected by the robbers. The Ebook of Helaman additionally states that within the yr following Cezoram’s homicide “the individuals started to develop exceedingly depraved once more” and commenced to “commit secret murders, and to rob and to plunder, that they may get acquire” – which contributed to the expansion of this felony group. Ultimately, the Nephites repented, and opposed the Gadianton robbers after the land was struck by famine, which was regarded to be a manifestation of God’s wrath.

‘Nephi Subdues his Rebellious Elder Brothers’ (followers of Nephi were the Nephites, followers of his brothers Laman and Lemuel were the Lamanites). (MormonWiki)

Nephi Subdues his Rebellious Elder Brothers’ (followers of Nephi have been the Nephites, followers of his brothers Laman and Lemuel have been the Lamanites ). ( MormonWiki)

The Secret Mixture

This ‘secret mixture’ was re-established some years after its destruction and most of the Nephites joined this band of robbers. The Lamanites, alternatively, “did use each means of their energy to destroy them off the face of the earth” once they realized that the robbers have been amongst them as nicely. By the way, the Nephites and the Lamanites have been enemies.

In line with the Ebook of Mormon, these two teams initially traced their ancestry to a bunch of Hebrews who migrated from Jerusalem to the Americas underneath the management of the prophet Lehi in about 600 BC. The group multiplied and finally cut up into two teams, the Nephites, who maintained their beliefs, and the Lamanites, who had forgotten their heritage and are mentioned to be the ancestors of the Native People. The 2 teams have been hostile in the direction of one another, and continuously waged battle towards one another.

The Nephites and the Lamanites frequently waged war against each other. (Nephicode.com)

The Nephites and the Lamanites continuously waged battle towards one another. ( Nephicode.com)

Ending the Gadianton Robber’s Reign of Terror

Ultimately, nonetheless, the Nephites succeeded in eradicating the Gadianton robbers. It was the nice decide, Lachoneus, who put an finish to the reign of terror. Lachoneus obtained a letter from the robbers demanding the Nephites hand over their lands and property in the event that they needed to keep away from bloodshed. As a substitute of complying with their calls for, nonetheless, Lachoneus ordered the Nephites to organize for battle. After asking the individuals to hope for power, he commanded them to collect all of their flocks and meals right into a central place, and had fortifications constructed round it. He had the Nephites armed, repent, and pray.

Because the Gadianton robbers have been used to dwelling off the produce of others, they started to run wanting meals and have been pressured to assault the Nephites who have been protected by their fortifications. The robbers have been unsuccessful and after a number of years of combating they have been destroyed.

Gadianton robbers. (Meridian Magazine)

Gadianton robbers. ( Meridian Journal )

The Latter Day Saints imagine that Jesus Christ got here to the Americas a few decade after the destruction of the Gadianton robbers and there was peace for the next 200 years. After this era nonetheless, the Gadianton robbers re-appeared, inflicting a lot destruction to the land. This time, they shaped an alliance with the Lamanites, and introduced in regards to the full destruction of the Nephites.

Prime picture: “Zeniff Battle” by James Fullmer. The Gadianton robbers fought many battles within the Ebook of Mormon. Supply: Meridian Journal

By Wu Mingren


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