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‘Isn’t It Romantic’ Fails as Each Rom-Com and Satire


The film opens to the track “Oh, Fairly Girl” and, moments later, to the film Fairly Girl, which a barely chubby Australian woman named Natalie is watching on TV. Her mom (a vastly underutilized Jennifer Saunders) warns the blissed-out youngster to “neglect about love.” Nobody will ever make motion pictures about “women like us,” she explains, including, “Somebody may marry you for a visa, however that’s about it.”

Flash ahead, and the now grown Natalie (Wilson) is an architect at a Manhattan agency. Sadly, her mom’s warnings about how nobody can be occupied with her seem to have come true, each romantically and professionally. Regardless of her profession success, everybody within the workplace treats Natalie like a espresso woman. Even her greatest buddy, Josh (Adam DeVine, Wilson’s co-star and eventual squeeze within the Pitch Good motion pictures), appears to spend his days looking the window at a billboard of a bathing-suited supermodel. Gone are the romantic fantasies of Natalie’s girlhood. She even berates her assistant, Whitney (Betty Gilpin), for having fun with rom-coms, and proceeds to enumerate all of the tedious tropes thereof: the adorably clumsy lead, her homosexual greatest buddy, her feminine nemesis, the tacky pop songs, the interruption of a wedding to the Flawed Individual. (Take notes. As you’ve most likely surmised, these can be essential afterward.)

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Within the subway, a person appears to flirt with Natalie. However no! He’s solely making an attempt to get shut sufficient to punch her within the abdomen with the intention to steal her purse. (That is a type of motion pictures with the message “What issues is what’s on the within” that nonetheless tries to get as a lot early comedian mileage as potential by making enjoyable of how its protagonist appears on the skin.) Within the fracas, Natalie bangs her head in opposition to a metal beam and passes out. When she awakens, she finds herself in a romantic comedy. The entire aforementioned tropes are in proof; each handsome man is now extra occupied with her individual than in her purse; and many others., and many others. Even New York “doesn’t scent like shit anymore!,” Natalie enthuses.

If this sounds an terrible lot like final yr’s Amy Schumer automobile, I Really feel Fairly (during which Schumer bangs her head and involves imagine that she is essentially the most lovely girl on this planet), nicely, that’s as a result of it’s. Sure, it seems we now have an official subgenre of pseudo-feminist motion pictures during which a lady is initially introduced as fully unattractive; is concussed right into a fantasy during which she turns into impossibly fascinating; and from the expertise gleans essential, affirmative classes about believing in herself.

Sigh. Not less than Isn’t It Romantic is just not as bitter and self-negating as Schumer’s movie (which was already an enchancment on its style cousin, Shallow Hal). The brand new film, directed by the comedy journeyman Todd Strauss-Schulson, gives flashes of appeal right here and there, and a few modestly enjoyable musical numbers. However its ethical messages are ceaselessly confused or contradictory, and the film is neither significantly humorous nor significantly intelligent in its dissection of the rom-com style.

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