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A Totally-Purposeful, Speaking Portal 2 Turret Gun! – Hackster Weblog

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The Portal online game collection is among the most iconic in historical past, and the video games have given rise to all types of memes and popular culture references. There’s, in fact, the traditional “the cake is a lie.” However, it’s the robotic characters within the sport which have the actual persona. GLaDOS clearly stands out, however even the turret gun enemies are entertaining. Now, you’ll be able to 3D print your individual Portal 2 turret weapons, and produce them to life with an Arduino.

This design was created by Hackster.io person Novachris, and it’s fully practical. Okay, it received’t really shoot you, however it’ll simulate capturing you. It’s not an ideal duplicate of the in-game design, as a result of some sacrifices had been made for printability and performance, nevertheless it’s very near the precise factor. It makes use of a LIDAR sensor to detect if somebody is close by, and if that’s the case it’ll open up, rotate in the direction of them, and begin “firing” it’s LEDs. It additionally has an MP3 chip for enjoying gun sound results, and the precise AI voice clips from the sport.

All the mechanical components had been modeled by Novachris inside Autodesk Fusion 360, and could be printed on any customary FFF (Fused-Filament Fabrication) 3D printer. The are many digital parts that make it work, however probably the most noteworthy are an Arduino Nano, a DFPlayer Mini MP3 participant, a speaker, a VL53L0X time-of-flight ranging sensor, generic passion micro servos, and LEDs. Novachris has offered the entire code essential to get these engaged on his challenge web page, so you can begin straight away.

After you have a fleet of turrets constructed, Novachris additionally has a second challenge that can allow you to management all of them. It’s a small handheld controller, which can be 3D-printable. It too runs on an Arduino Nano, and makes use of a nRF24L01 radio chip for communication — you’ll additionally want so as to add a type of to every of your turrets. With the Grasp Turret Management, you’ll be able to manually function your turrets and achieve entry to further features, like together with an Aria mode like from the top scene of Portal 2.

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