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Michael Reeves’ Latest Contraption Tazes You If You Chug Your Beer Too Slowly

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Everybody loves a superb ingesting sport or contest, however the overwhelming majority of ingesting video games punish you for failure by making you drink extra. That’s hardly an ample punishment when your complete function of ingesting video games is to drink. The stakes are simply too low to make the sport fascinating. That’s why YouTuber Michael Reeves’ constructed a particular cup that tazes the drinker in the event that they don’t chug a beer rapidly sufficient.

It’s possible you’ll bear in mind Reeves from the various zany initiatives he’s finished that now we have featured, together with a literal scorching glue gun. He created this latest contraption for Max and Chad of the Chilly Ones podcast. That podcast largely revolves round Max and Chad ingesting lots of beer, often as a part of some sort of ingesting contest. Once they invited Reeves onto their present, he determined that the easiest way to acknowledge their hospitality could be to make a cup that tazes them.

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The cup itself is created from a shaker bottle, like what you’d use for protein shakes. Contained in the cup is a fluid stage sensor that’s monitored by an Arduino. That Arduino, in flip, passes the information off to a Raspberry Pi that’s working a easy webserver. Utilizing a separate pc, that webserver will be accessed to begin the sport. A timer will be set, and the drinker has to complete the contents of the cup earlier than it runs out. In the event that they don’t, then they’re shocked by a taser constructed into the cup. That actually raises the stakes greater than a conventional ingesting sport!

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