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Have been Shakespeare’s Performs Written by an Extraterrestrial?

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Picture by Miriam Espacio on Unsplash

Scholars have been suspicious for some time about Shakespeare. He was a dumb actor. How might he probably have written these nice performs?

Some students assume it was a poncy wealthy aristocrat who was reluctant to have his nice identify related to the theatre.

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Not too long ago, feminists have questioned if it may need been a lady, as a result of Shakespeare wrote so many nice feminine components for Shrews, Fishwives and Murderesses.

However now, the reality might have been uncovered by Shakespeare researcher and UFO specialist, Jerry Mathers.

“Shakespeare was Gray,” stated Mathers. “There’s little question about it. He even provides clues within the performs. For instance, in Hamlet he writes, ‘There’s extra to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy. There may be an alien race who resides underground beneath the Denver Airport.’ Act One, Scene 5.”

What does this alien race need with us, and why would they write these horrible, 4 hour performs that no person understands?

“The Greys hate us,” stated Mathers. “And so they need us to be bored out of our minds in order that we don’t discover once they begin consuming us.”

I checked Hamlet and there was no reference to the Denver Airport.

“After all, not within the printed folio,” stated Mathers. “The Greys made certain it was redacted earlier than publication. However we discovered plenty of references to the Greys within the unique manuscripts. For example, in Girl MacBeth, Act 5, Scene One, she says ‘Out, out, rattling spot, you may betray that this human type is a hologram disguising my true reptilian identification as a Gray alien hiding underneath the Denver Airport.’

OK, I believe Mathers could be a lunatic. There was nothing in regards to the Denver Airport within the Scottish Play both.

“No, it says Glasgow Worldwide Airport within the printed model,” stated Mathers. “However that’s a code phrase for Denver.”

Lastly, Mathers recited the actual soliloquy from Hamlet as final proof that he has misplaced his marbles.

“To be or to not be eaten by aliens, that’s the query for mankind. Whether or not ’tis nobler within the thoughts to endure being breakfast, lunch and dinner for a reptilian race from outerspace, or to take arms in opposition to a sea of conspiracies and false flag operations and by opposing finish them.”

I critically doubt Shakespeare was actually an alien. In spite of everything, males have died and worms have eaten them. However aliens haven’t eaten them. Or have they?

“An alien ate Yorick,” stated Mathers.

Poor Yorick…

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