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[Podcast] SCP Archives Introduces SCP-231… “Particular Personnel Necessities”

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SCP-231-1 by means of 7 had been retrieved from ██████████, ██, following a police raid on a warehouse owned by a company known as the Kids of the Scarlet King (see article on ██-██-████ within the ████████████ ██████ newspaper, “Police Raid Satanic Intercourse Cult, Save Seven“). 24 hours after the rescue, SCP-231-1 (actual identify ████████████ ████████████) went into labor pains, giving delivery three minutes later to SCP-██ (█████████ ██████████), inflicting a ██████████ occasion leading to over ███ confirmed casualties. Basis Personnel instantly took possession of remaining SCPs 231-2 by means of 231-7 and, based mostly on notebooks recovered from the cult, instituted Process 110-Montauk to forestall future occurrences.

From the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Community, welcome to the “SCP Archives” podcast. We teamed up with the creators of “Creepy”, “Small City Horror,” “Lake Readability” and extra to take you into the darkness and unlock a number of the web’s most wonderful tales.

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SCP Archives is a weekly, full-cast manufacturing of the preferred tales from scp-wiki.comand the exceptional group that spawned them. Tune in to the most recent episode beneath!

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Solid & Crew:

SCP-231 by Dr. Clef
Mud and Blood by Djoric
Hosted & Narrated by Jon Grilz
Story carried out by Addison Peacock
Dr. #### – Russ Extra
O5-## – Audrey Cassil
Tom Rory Parsons – Music
Pacific S. Obadiah – Showrunner
Tom Owen – Producer
Offered by Bloody Disgusting

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