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GeekDad Has All of the Newest Information From PaizoCon 2019

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PaizoCon 2019, nicely underway in Seattle, Washington, is 4 days of Pathfinder, Starfinder, Pathfinder Journey Card Recreation, and extra gaming, panels, and seminars. I’ll have a publish on all my conference experiences within the coming days, however along with all these experiences, the Saturday evening banquet and accompanying presentation is a large data dump, full of reports and surprises for up-coming Paizo releases and plans.

Right here’s what we discovered.


  • They talked concerning the stellar Starfinder Newbie Field, that not too long ago launched, and was not too long ago launched to you by GeekDad. It’s your “Ideally suited introduction to the world of Starfinder!” or roleplaying normally.
  • Assault of the Swarm Journey Path, releasing August 2019, ($22.99) – “Survive and Assault from the swarm, an awesome, and single-minded collective of insectile aliens who need to devour the whole lot.” Would you wish to know extra? (I can’t take credit score, that’s Rob McCreary’s reference!)
A swarm baddie right here to intestine you.
  • Alien Archive 3: August – 160 pages ($39.99), Aliens, weapons, armor, magic, tech, 19 new playable races together with turtle people, otter people, and Sapient raptors. Additionally, new creature companion guidelines– pets, allies, and mounts. Now the drone isn’t your solely choice!
  • Character Operations Handbook: November – 160 Pages ($39.99) – Three new character lessons (biohacker, vanguard, witchwarper), themes and archetypes, alternate racial skills for all core and legacy races, two new starship roles– magic officer anybody? Can’t watch for extra cool character choices!
  • The Threefold Conspiracy Journey Path: February-July, 64 web page volumes ($22.99) – “Unravel a thriller involving the Unseen and their plots in Close to Area and the Pact Worlds.”


  • Starfinder: Yr of a Thousand Bites: Wrapping up the epic 22 month first “12 months,” Yr of a Thousand Bites brings the story again to the Pact Worlds. Gamers will choose from amongst their very own to find out who would be the subsequent First Seeker.
  • Pathfinder Second Version Yr One: Yr of the Open Street – Can be made accessible to new and previous gamers, reintroducing enterprise captains and different personalities.
  • Pathfinder Journey Card Society (new identify): Yr of Rotting Damage –  Tells what occurs after the Seige of Gallowspire, after Tyrants Grasp, after Passing of the Torch, “what are the implications of all of those storylines on the Journey Card Recreation.

Journey Card Recreation

  • Pathfinder Journey Card Recreation Core Set: Obtainable Now – 440 Playing cards ($59.99) – Up to date gameplay, new card design, appropriate with current playing cards. Accommodates fundamental playing cards like lengthy sword and remedy gentle wounds potion, in order that they don’t must be included in Journey Path units.
  • Pathfinder Journey Card Recreation Curse of the Crimson Throne: Obtainable now – 550 Playing cards ($49.99) – Add on for the Core Set. Far more managable measurement than previous APs (once more, doesn’t comprise the core playing cards)
ACG Cards
Redesigned playing cards
  • Free RPG Day – Story E book: We Be Heroes: Brief story/journey to be used with the Core Journey Card Recreation Field. The core field permits for any measurement story to be informed.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Laptop Recreation

  • Kingmaker Enhanced Addition: June – Free improve for current gamers. New content material and options, new class: Slayer, new gadgets and weapons, improved stability, enhanced kingdom administration.
  • Beneath the Stolen Lands DLC – Get again to roleplaying’s roots with a large dungeon delve!

Pathfinder Kingmaker Reprint

Pathfinder (Second Version)

  • Misplaced Omens World Information: August – 136 Web page ($36.99) – Overlaying modifications to Golarion over the previous ten years. Together with lasting results from the occasions of prior APs. Chapters on the principle areas of Golarian, together with an in depth part on Absalom and Isle of Kortos. Every area will get 7-10 backgrounds. Tons of nice lore to get us caught up with the goings-on of Golarion for the reason that final world information launched some tenish years in the past.
Opening unfold on Absalom and Starstone Isle.
Backgrounds from Misplaced Omens World Information
  • Misplaced Omens Character Information: October – 136 Pages ($34.99) – New heritages and ancestry feats for each Core Rulebook ancestry. Three new ancestries– Bugbea… er, we imply hobgoblin, leshy, and lizardfolk. 5 full factions (Hellknights, Pathfinder Society… ) with archetypes, and templates for making faction particular monsters.
  • Misplaced Omens Gods & Magic: January – 128 Pages ($34.99) – Gods from the Age of Misplaced Omens. Index of tons of of deities– domains, favored weapons, and extra. New domains, feats, and spells. Not only for clerics and the like!
  • Age of Ashes Journey Path: July – December – 96 Pages – ($24.99) – Gamers are from a city close to an deserted Hellknight fort. Like all nosey children, they discover the ruins solely to seek out portals to numerous lands and uncover a terrific draconic conspiracy involving the Dasha… I believe?
  • Extinction Curse Journey Path: January – June – 96 Pages – ($24.99) – Specializing in the Island of Kortos and the characters as a touring band of circus performers. The characters should cease a horde of troglodytes from reclaiming magic gems that Aroden stole from them to carry bounty to Kortos in ages previous.
  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook: August – 640 Pages ($59.99) – Jason Bulmahn went by way of the e book in some element. Listed here are some pages from the tome. Yeah, can’t wait till August!
Amiri trying imply.
  • Pathfinder Bestiary: August: 360 Pages ($49.99) – Greater than 400 monsters. See above hyperlink for photos.
  • Fall of Plaguestone stand-alone journey: August – 64 pages ($22.99, $14.99 for related flip mat) – Tie in with Dwarven Forge represents one of many dungeons within the module. The module delves into how the characters meet.
  • Gamemastery Information: Winter – Guidelines for chases, duels, victory factors, pattern NPCs, constructing spells, magic gadgets, monsters. “The important e book for the GM who needs so as to add extra depth and complexity to their rule system.”

Taken with particular recreation spoilers? Properly, Jason handed out 100 index playing cards with snippet’s from the core rulebook, and they’re being posted with the hashtag, #MyPathfinderSpoiler. Go verify ’em out… they’re numbered, you will get the entire set!

So, that’s what I discovered from the banquet– oh sure, and with Paizo workers and speical visitors posted at every desk, I loved the meal with Sara Marie, Paizo’s Buyer Service & Neighborhood Supervisor and of Oblivion Oath fame, in addition to another Paizo followers. Good meals, good instances!

Need to see the entire banquet presentation? It’s reside on Twitch! You may also catch seminars and panels reside for the remainder of the con!

Extra to come back!

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