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Video Interview w Templario Sicario in Tierra Caliente

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Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Radio Formulation and Intl Disaster Group
           We gained little, however we proceed to defend the inhabitants from CJNG: Templar (VIDEO)
                                              Video screenshot: Worldwide Disaster Group

“There have been many murders, they killed innocents or they threaten to not let the individuals go to the town to purchase or errands and that”: says Templario murderer.

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By:  Mariana Cervantes  June 10, 2019

A presumed murderer of the cartel of the Knights Templar in Michoacán identified that the struggle towards the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) is for the sale of medicine and different prison acts towards the inhabitants of Tierra Caliente. 

“We’re at struggle with them as a result of they arrive to do their issues, like promoting medication, kidnapping, doing what they need,” he mentioned within the midst of gunfire.

The cartel of the Knights Templar was accountable for most of Tierra Caliente, however within the final 12 years, its members have been allies and enemies of the cartel CJNG led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, “El Mencho”.

In an interview with the senior analyst, Falko Ernst, for Worldwide Disaster Group, the alleged member of the Knights Templar narrated that he started as a “soldier” of the prison group, however step by step rose in rank and now serves as “commander of battles .”

“Greater than something, he counts accountability, being somebody accountable.”

He revealed that he doesn’t obtain wage as successful man, moreover engaged on the hill is tiring and worrying, as a result of he should convey meals and water.

 “Life on the hill is tiresome and generally I tire of strolling a lot up and down, and generally it’s a must to stroll with instructions and people who find themselves very strict and that’s worrying.”

Regardless of the above, he defined that he’s nonetheless within the prison group to struggle a “simply trigger”, as a result of the inhabitants was being harmed by different prison teams.

“There have been a variety of murders, they killed innocents or they  threaten  to not let the individuals go to the town to purchase or do errands and that.”

He added that his future as a hitman is unsure, since he could lose his life in a battle or he could fall as a “prisoner of the federal government”.

Notice: I strongly advocate the Int’l Disaster Group’s web site.

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