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[Podcast] SCP Archives Crosses Over With The Amelia Challenge!

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This week tune in as SCP Archives crosses over with The Amelia Challenge podcast to deliver you “Hammer” and SCP-1171!

SCP-1171-1 is outwardly an inhabitant of one other world, calling itself Beauremont. It claims to not be human, and is actively hostile to humanity. It believes Dr. ██████ to be an entity much like itself. Please see Interview Logs SCP-1171-1-Three to SCP-1171-1-14.

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From the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Community, welcome to the “SCP Archives” podcast. We teamed up with the creators of “Creepy”, “Small City Horror,” “Lake Readability” and extra to take you into the darkness and unlock a few of the web’s most superb tales.

SCP Archives is a weekly, full-cast manufacturing of the most well-liked tales from scp-wiki.com and the exceptional group that spawned them. Tune in to the most recent episode under!

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SCP-1171 written by DrEverettMann
Host & Narrator – Jon Grilz
Beauremont – Graham Rowat
Dr. ##### – Scott Thomas

Hammer written by Øystein Brager
Alvina – Julia C. Thorne
Engineering – Gabriel Geber
Dr. Kithe – Atticus Jackson
Music – Tom Rory Parsons
Showrunner – Pacific S. Obadiah
Producer – Tom Owen
Offered by Bloody Disgusting

Discover The Amelia Challenge at https://ameliapodcast.com/ and comply with the present on Twitter at https://twitter.com/amelia_podcast

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