Dishwasher — Dirty or Clean? Or somewhere in between?

Status-based visual alerts are present in all walks of life. Without it, there would be too many things competing for our attention. When there is a notification, it is a signal on which we can decide to act (or not). In a busy life, status notifications can be a pain but are largely a way to manage task-switching (Fact: there is no such thing as true multitasking — anywhere).

  • Identifying a trigger or subsequent action (Dirty =run later when full etc.)
  • Superimposing ‘dish status’ to also account for dishwasher operations which naturally has its own states (e.g. empty, partially loaded, running, complete etc.)

Some ideas?

Idea A: The ideal would be a detailed status display saying Empty, Cycle ran x minutes ago etc. This, of course, is only possible electronically and even then a bit of overkill in all practicality.

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