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An amalgamation of mountain’s quiver
Beyond the Dardanelles, her lasting river
“But oh why God, why make me?”
Because God needs you, God wants you to be
Through the eyes of the poet and tomorrow’s sighs
Through the stars and the breakaway barge denies
To see the edge of all possibility
That you may be, heaven-deep infinity

An Autumn’s swirl, a tomorrow’s sonnet
You must, you are, you stand upon it
Of what you are and what may be
From here upon the speckled sea
A string ties through all of man
But what of you, sifter through this sand?
I say you are, you are indeed
God wants you here, you must so be

Purpose? Of what purpose?
We find that ourselves
Destiny is doomed where dreamers dwell
I cannot so imagine a world without
You, oh traveler, you single and stout
By the wayside we drift asunder
Across shores racked by quickened thunder
All hearts beat, they must, but why?
Love dreams it so, to swoon and sigh

You may be poor, rich, or more
Dull, or genius, kind or sore
But you are, a dreamer’s eyes
Through you God sees, God’s realize
So question not position nor purpose
But build yourself, and leave not lip nervous
As you sail away ocean’s current
I say you are, and never weren’t

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