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UPDATE: See two rounds of added pictures at the bottom.


It is with the utmost sadness, and tears in my eyes, that I must report that Frank the Kitten died in surgery yesterday. It’s especially sad because we all had great hopes for him, because a CT scan had shown that he had an external liver shunt, which has a 90% probability of a complete fix, and because he was healthy, happy, and had his pre-op shots. Sadly, when they opened him up, they couldn’t find an external shunt, and, after the vet closed him up, he died without regaining consciousness.

I asked readers to donate to him and to his sponsor, the nonprofit charity Feline Friends London, to cover the costs of his operation, and the kind people at this site came up with more than £2000, enough to cover the operation twice over, so every penny of the extra dosh goes to cat rescue. I’m not sure how much, if anything, this unsuccessful operation will cost, but any funds over the cost of the operation will of course go toward rescuing other cats.

I thank you—and I’m sorry and I’m ineffably sad. All of us involved in this, including Frank’s owners, his fosterer, and the head of Feline Friends London, are heartbroken. The only saving grace is that if Frank’s problem wasn’t fixable, he was doomed to a short life of recurrent seizures, and that would have been worse than the peaceful death he had under anesthesia.

So farewell, sweet boy. Here’s a picture of Frank earlier on, and you can see his pre-operation pictures here.

UPDATE:  I’ll add a few photos of Frank’s last days taken by his foster mom before the operation. As you see, he was a lovely and a lively kitten:

This is Frank with his foster mom, Anna, who took care of him over his last days and took him to the veterinary surgeon. It’s her favorite picture of her and Frank:

And another, with Frank posing:


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