Stoic Week: Find Your Center in The Storm

The world is changing faster than ever before.

It’s becoming harder and harder to feel like we have solid ground to stand on.

Anxiety can swirl into our consciousness with hurricane-force winds filling us with doubt and fear.

This can keep us feeling paralyzed, unable to make the changes we know would improve our lives dramatically.

But here’s the good news….

We don’t need to be crippled by the pace of change or our fear in the face of it. We can learn to harness it.

With the right tools, we can use our struggle as fuel for cultivating courage. This creates a positive feedback loop that disproves doubt and melts anxiety as we continuously rise to whatever challenges life throws at us.

But this isn’t new. The blueprint has existed for hundreds of years within the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. It is one of the most comprehensive psychological operating systems for cultivating emotional resilience and self-mastery.

When you apply Stoicism to your life you discover the power to find your center even in the strongest storms.

And we think the world could use more people acting with profound courage. That’s why this week we’re doing something special.

Starting tomorrow we’ll be unleashing some epic articles on Stoicism that will open your eyes to the power to the tremendous power of this philosophy.

On Monday we are going to share 47 Ancient Stoic Truth-Missiles To Obliterate Your Victim Mentality. This will give you a primer on Stoicism’s brilliant sages paired with timeless wisdom shared in their own words.

During the rest of the week, you’ll learn how Stoicism can help you navigate difficult psychedelic experiences (and other storms of life). We’ll also explore how to gamify Stoicism using modern technology so you can turn this wisdom into action. That’s just a little preview of what’s to come.

We’re doing this because we’ve been deep in Stoic thought as we prepare to open the doors to our latest transformational adventure: The Stoic Quest.


You’ll learn more about this experience in the days ahead. Some of you will decide to take the leap into a fear-destroying obstacle course like no other.

If you’re intrigued click here to add yourself to the early access list so you can be first in line to learn more about the Stoic Quest (and win some amazing prizes we’ve whipped up).

Either way, a firehose of ancient wisdom is coming your way.

Be prepared. Stoic Week starts tomorrow.

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