Andy Serkis confirms he will direct 'Venom' sequel

Aug. 5 (UPI) — Actor and filmmaker Andy Serkis confirmed Monday that he signed on to helm the sequel to 2018’s comic-book adaptation, Venom.

“It’s happening. The Symbiote has found a host in me and I’m ready for the ride…Can’t wait! #venom #venom2 #marvel,” Serkis captioned a photo of him holding up a Venom graphic novel, which follows the adventures of a journalist possessed by a malevolent, alien entity.

Ruben Fleischer directed the first blockbuster, which starred Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams.

Serkis has offered memorable, motion-capture performances in The Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes trilogies, as well as King Kong and the Star Wars franchise. He directed Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle.

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