Euphoria Finale Song: ‘All for Us’ & Zendaya Singing [VIDEO]


HBO’s hit new show Euphoria has a secret that a lot of fans didn’t know until the finale: Zendaya can sing and she’s amazing. This post will have details about the new song, but it will also have some spoilers for the finale. 

Zendaya Was Amazing in ‘All for Us’

At the end of Euphoria’s finale, we got to see a montage that fans are still trying to interpret. (Read Heavy’s explanation of that crazy ending here.) But aside from how confusing that ending montage was for viewers, something else about it stood out. The song that played during that ending montage, “All of Us” by Labrinth, features Zendaya and it’s beautiful.

You can watch the full video fo the song below:

Want the song without the video? Here you go.

And the version without Zendaya:

The lyrics for All for Us are available here. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

I’m taking it all for us
Taking it all
Taking it all for us
I’m doing it all for love
I’m doing it all
I’m doing it all for love

No food in the kitchen (Famine, famine)
Money MIA (Pockets hell-a empty)
Mumma making ends meet (Making ends meet)
Working like a slave (Mississippi, aye-aye)
Daddy ain’t at home, no (Father, Father)
Better be a man (Michael Corleone)
Do it for my homegrown’s (Sisters, brothers)
Do it for the clan (Yeah, so tell em Labby)

The song is about someone who sacrifices and gives away everything for love, and takes everything, the good and the bad.

She’s Had a Successful Music Career Before ‘Euphoria’

Fans who just met Zendaya through Euphoria may not realize that she’s already a talented, successful singer.

Zendaya’s career started as a child model and moved from there into acting. While her acting career was taking off, so was her singing career.

In 2011 she released the singles Swag It Out and Watch Me and signed with Hollywood Records in 2012. Her debut single, Replay, reached 40 in the Top 100 chart in the U.S. and her debut studio album hit number 51. Her single Rewrite the Stars, from The Greatest Showman, released in 2018 and hit the top 20 in the UK and in Australia.

Here she is singing Rewrite the Stars:

And here’s the music video for her single, Replay:

Then there was her Disney singing career. Here she is singing Watch Me, a very different song.

Fans are happy to have something to take with them now that the season is over.

Zendaya has been an impressive singer for awhile, and now Euphoria fans know about her talent too.

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