A Plea to Walmart CEO To Use His Influence To Curb Gun Violence

In an open letter to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin pleads with McMillon to use his influence to curb the sale of guns.

Sorkin says that the shootings were obviously not the CEO’s fault and that the guns used in the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio weren’t bought at Walmart stores, but that the CEO has a responsibility to help the situation.

CEO McMillon could use his economic influence as CEO of the largest retailer and largest seller of guns in the US to influence other companies to stop selling automatic weapons. Other CEO’s at places like Salesforce and Dick’s Sporting Goods have already used their influence to curb gun sales. Ed Stack at Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling guns in his stores, but didn’t have enough market influence to make a huge change.

To their benefit, Walmart has already raised the age to buy guns in its stores to 21 and stopped the sale of automatic weapons and handguns.

As CEO of Walmart, McMillon has tremendous influence to not only influence gun makers to self impose regulations, but also on other large companies like Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and UPS that all have a hand in the processing, sale, and delivery of firearms.

Sorkin ends by imploring McMillon to use his influence for good to do his part and help stop gun violence in America.

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