Texas Set To Loosen Gun Laws Despite Recent Mass Shootings

Despite the most recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, which claimed the lives of at least 22 people, Texas lawmakers thought it appropriate to enact some laws concerning guns. However, instead of tightening their grip, they’re loosening their gun laws.

The El Paso shooting took place at a Walmart, yet lawmakers are liberating gun regulations around churches and children, even going as far as including a law granting an exception to not having a valid license to carry a gun.

On September 1st, these laws will go into effect in Texas:

HB 2363: “This law weakens state laws on safe storage of firearms in foster homes.”

SB 535:  “Beginning Sept. 1, gun owners will be allowed to carry properly licensed handguns into a church unless the church explicitly declares that it bans weapons on its grounds.”

HB 1143: “expands state regulations that allow licensed gun owners to transport and store their weapons in parked vehicles on school grounds by banning school districts from specifying how they must be stored.”

HB 302:  “A new law will ban landlords from including “no firearms” clauses in leases. The NRA-ILA said such clauses violate “the Second Amendment rights of renters.”

H.B. 1177:  “Texas will now allow gun owners to carry their guns with them while evacuating from a state- or local-declared emergency — even if they don’t have valid licenses to carry.”