Wild Anti-Gun Control Tweet Has Everyone Talking About ‘Feral Hogs’

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The nation is still reeling from a pair of mass shootings within a 24 hour period over the weekend that left a combined 29 people dead in two states. As everyone from musicians to pro athletes called for gun control in response to the loss of life, some have pushed back against calls for gun control.

It’s a depressing cycle of normalization that comes when the same kinds of violence are met with the same excuses, and it can be hard to cope with the continuous wave of grief, anger and frustration. But if there’s truly nothing we can do to fix the gun crisis in this country, and congress and the president refuse to act (let alone get the locations right), the least concerned denizens of Twitter dot com can do is ridicule a ridiculous anti-gun control argument.

One popped up on Monday when a man hopped into musician Jason Isbell’s mentions to argue that he needed assault weapons to keep his family safe from feral hogs. Isbell tweeted a rebuttal of anti-gun control arguments and was met by a man who claimed he needed to kill dozens of wild animals in a few minutes.

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