Candace Bushnell: 'Is there Still Sex in the City' explores 'reinvention'

Aug. 6 (UPI) — Candace Bushnell says her new novel, Is There Still Sex in the City, explores “loss” and “reinvention” among a group of middle-aged women.

The 60-year-old author said during Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning America that the book takes place after the “happily after ever” of finding a partner or starting a family.

Bushnell is best known for writing Sex and the City, which follows four women in their 30s and early 40s as they live and date in New York City. She said she’s “thrilled” the book still resonates with people more than 20 years after its publication.

“Sex and the City is really about a particular passage in women’s lives,” Bushnell said. “What happens, of course, is many women who have the Sex and the City years end up having a family, they find their Mr. Big, their Mr. Aidan, and they have children.”

“Is There Still Sex in the City is what happens after the happily ever after, because the fact is, life goes on,” she added. “It’s a new cast of characters and it really follows this new passage where they are single again in their mid-50s … and they have to navigate many things. It’s not just dating, but they might move, start a new career, all kinds of things. It’s a time of loss but also reinvention.”

Bushnell also shared what her modern take on Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the HBO series adaptation, would be.

“She would definitely be on Instagram and would probably do everything on Instagram,” the author said.

Bushnell reflected on her personal journey while unveiling the cover for Is There Still Sex in the City in June.

“In many ways this book is a triumph for me: In the three years it took to write I endured a lot of emotional pain. There was the fallout of my divorce, I moved, my father died and my best friend took her life,” the author wrote on Instagram.

“And miraculously what I didn’t lose was my greatest blessing: My sense of humor. This ability to laugh in the face of pain and sorrow and uncertainty is what I bring to you in Is There Still Sex in the City,” she said.

Is There Still Sex in the City debuted Tuesday.

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